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Blogging Eweida — A new dawn

16 January 2013

I got the outcome of Eweida and others v The United Kingdom from Joshua Rosenberg’s tweet, about 6 minutes after it was handed down.

Later the same day there were a number of blog posts, summarising and explaining the decision.1

There have also been any number of posts of commentary, including:

I think it’s worth noting that that this is an impressive body of analysis, made more impressive by the fact that it was all written within 48 hours of the decision coming out.

I may be projecting my own prejudices, but it feels to me as if we’re at a tipping point. The quantity and quality of legal commentary (and legal discussion) online is increasing rapidly. We can now be confident that any major legal decision will receive expert analysis, that will be made easily available to everyone for no charge, so quickly that it might as well be instantaneous.

This is wonderful!

I predict a 2035 PhD thesis: ‘Eweida: The moment a nascent legal blogosphere came of age?’.2

  1. Daniel Barnett also put out a bulletin, which I put in a footnote because it is so inconceivable that there would not be a Daniel Barnett bulletin in such a case that it hardly needs to be mentioned. 

  2. And the author will have a blog. Although twitter will probably have been replaced with telephathic ping-trilling. 

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