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A moderately amusing twitter contretemps

19 May 2014

I’m a loyal First Capital Connect customer.1

So, when, in the context of discussing the range of reasonable responses test, Gem Reucroft asked:

@reedmj @MarkTarran @ncbarrister @Divinglawyer @seanjones11kbw Does the reasonable employer go on the Clapham omnibus? #randombuttingin

— Gem Reucroft (@HR_Gem) May 19, 2014

I replied:

@HR_Gem @MarkTarran @ncbarrister @Divinglawyer @seanjones11kbw Probably have to be updated to First Capital Connect.

— Michael Reed (@reedmj) May 19, 2014

Only to find that we’d attracted the eagle-eyed First Capital Connect tweeters:

@reedmj @HR_Gem @MarkTarran @ncbarrister @Divinglawyer @seanjones11kbw Hi, can I help please? ^Jay

— FirstCapitalConnect (@FirstCC) May 19, 2014

Shamefaced, I admitted I didn’t think they could:

@FirstCC @HR_Gem @MarkTarran @ncbarrister @Divinglawyer @seanjones11kbw Just discussing the platonic reasonable man.

— Michael Reed (@reedmj) May 19, 2014

If none of this makes any sense, or isn’t even a little bit amusing, you’re probably not a lawyer.

  1. By which I mean I fork over £3,208 a year to commute between St Albans and London. And try not to resent too much the other things I might be doing with this money. 

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