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Monthly ET Receipts by region

06 November 2014

Graph of ET Receipts by region

What’s interesting about the graph1 is that the proportion of cases in London has been drifting up, at the expense of the other regions. The trend has taken us from about 20% of the cases being in London at the start of 2012 to about 27% at the start of 2014/15.

If I had to guess, I’d say this is a combination of Londoners having better access to advice, especially from the voluntary sector – and being, in general, higher paid and therefore slightly less likely to be put off by fees.2

  1. Single Claims by region, Tribunal statistics quarterly: April to June 2014 

  2. Probably too obvious to need saying, but just in case. There are many excellent voluntary sector advisers outside London. But they’re even less well resourced and more thinly spread. 

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