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Our achievements?

15 January 2014

From time to time I’m asked to help summarise FRU’s achievements or our latest successes – normally to make funding applications.

This is annoying, because FRU doesn’t really achieve things. At least not in the sense that the people who ask these questions mean. There are individual cases and projects at FRU I’m proud of. But they’re not really the point.

FRU’s most important achievement is that we are here, over four decades after we started, still representing people in tribunals. In 2013 we helped 700 clients. We gave our volunteers their first taste of being where the rubber meets the road.

We intend to be here after another four decades. I expect we’ll be doing much the same thing.

While I’ve been at FRU as Legal Officer, we’ve helped about 7,100 people, who otherwise would have gone to tribunal alone.

That’s the point.

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