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FRU's Consultation Response on Postponements

12 March 2015

This is a thoroughly disappointing consultation.

It appears to be based on a belief that there is a serious problem with the way the Employment Tribunal deals with postponements. No evidence is produced to establish such a problem exists. It is not even made clear exactly what perceived problem the consultation attempts to grapple with.

Having failed to identify or evidence a problem the consultation then sets out a number of solutions. None of which appear likely to make any significant difference in practice, beyond making the tribunal process marginally more cumbersome.

At a time when the introduction of fees has crippled the tribunal as a mechanism for securing employment rights, it is dispiriting to be faced with a consultation demonstrating such lack of understanding of the tribunal's work in practice.

The Free Representation Unit has responded to the BIS Consultation on employment tribunal postponements. The first few paragraphs quoted above give a general summary of our view, but you can download the full response below if you’re interested in the detail.

FRU Response to BIS consultation on Employment Tribunal postponement rules

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